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As I’ve mentioned before, many firemen have a second or part time job.  There is no limit to what one can get in to with as much time off as a firemen has.  We work 48 hour shifts and then get four days off in a row.  So if you don’t have a part time gig, you are going to become quite bored.  Believe me.  I’ve been there!

So what kind of part time jobs are we talking about here?  Well, a lot of guys actually work for private ambulance services as Paramedics.  There are several companies in the area and the pay is actually not bad.  Shifts are usually 12 or 24 hours, so you can work one or two shifts on your four days off and make a nice little second income.  For me, I am not a big fan of ambulance work.  I have to deal with the ambulance enough at my primary job, so the thought of spending any additional time in that box of death is not appealing to me at all.

A handful of guys at the firehouse are quite handy, so they do things such as rehabbing old houses, or redo kitchens and stuff like that.  One guy actually does some woodwork.  He makes chairs and cabinets and those kind of things.  I spent a day in his “shop” and was quite impressed with all of the equipment he had in there.  Some really expensive stuff in there!  I asked him how he paid for all of the stuff and he said he was actually able to get a small business loan.  The name of his company is backdraft woodworking.  Kind of cheesy if you ask me.  Anyway, he makes some cool stuff.  He also works at his dad’s auto detailing shop a few days a week.  His car always looks amazing!

So what about me?  I design websites.  Yeah, that’s right.  Bet you didn’t know a firefighter would know anything about designing websites.  I design websites for all kinds of small businesses in the St. Louis area.  I’m getting pretty good at it and the money is outstanding.  Its nice having some extra cash to go on vacations and things like that.  I actually have a bachelors degree in Information Systems so I feel like I’m putting my education to use.  Might as well, after paying all that money in tuition.  I actually am working on the website for Backdraft Woodworking.  Its going to look great and hopefully send a lot of business Brian’s way.

So as you can see, there is no limit to what a firefighter can do with his off time.  Some of the younger guys just hang out and party with their free time.  Not a bad way to go either, but I’m getting too old for all of that partying nowadays.  Ha.  Talk to you soon!

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